“This was my first time using a real estate video company to shoot my new $7.5m waterfront property and I interviewed approximately 4 different companies.  Dory was the most responsive and answered all of my questions in detail and provided me with an in-depth quote outlining all of the specific for the shoot.  I was of course nervous about what the outcome would be as I wanted the movie to be perfect so when he sent the movie link for me to approve, I was completely shocked….it was SO good.  I sent it to one of my best friends whom is also in real estate (and is a huge perfectionist) and she said the movie gave her goosebumps it was so well done.  Additionally my client loved the video and I got the EXACT product I was looking for.  I would highly recommend using Dory for your next real estate property feature film!”

Kym Elders
Coldwell Banker / Coastal Alliance

“I thoroughly have enjoyed working with Dory on real estate films and various projects over the years, he’s easy to work with, provides his expertise, and has a positive spirit. I also enjoy his creative process and he’s a total team player.”

Anne Marie Ashley
Villa Real Estate