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Professional Real Estate Video Production in Long Beach, CA

At Pacific Coast Studio, we specialize in real estate video production in Long Beach, CA, to help you sell your property. Our films show off each home’s amenities and unique features by focusing on the lifestyle the prospective buyer can achieve through buying this home. Each house has a great story, and we want to tell it for you. We help you promote each property with a YouTube video production. We want to help you sell more homes quickly.

Amazing Real Estate Video Production

Whether you are a REALTOR® or private owner selling your home, using a video to show off the property is a great idea. At Pacific Coast Studio, we want to help you sell your properties with our real estate video production services.

We offer a number of preplanned production packages for these videos as well as custom packages to meet your individual property’s needs. All the videos we produce include edited graphics and music as well as compatible file formats to upload the videos directly to your own website and social media accounts.

Promoting Your Real Estate Properties

Trying to sell your properties requires a lot of work and marketing. One of the best ways to market them is with a movie made with our promotional video production. Each video is typically two to three minutes long and includes footage from throughout the home. Additionally, we can add other materials to the videos, including:

  • Local Community Shots: Shows the area around the property as well as nearby features and landmarks.
  • Personalized REALTOR® Intro: Adds a customized introduction to the video highlighting you as the real estate agent.
  • Narration: Adds extra detail to the video which further highlights the amenities and benefits of the property.

Aerial Filming

When using our services for your property’s video, we work to capture every angle of your home. These shots give perspective home-buyers a full view of the entire property. We achieve them by using drones for aerial videography.

Through the use of drones, we are able to give a bird’s eye view of the entire house you are selling as well as taking aerial shots of the neighborhood. Additionally, we fly the drones inside to take video throughout your property. When we combine the aerial shots with standard filming techniques, we create a unique video that showcases everything wonderful about your property.

Edited To the Highest-Quality

Once all filming is completed, our film team takes all of the footage we gathered to our editors. This is a normal step in any professional video production service and ensures that your final product is cut together with the best shots of your property. Our editing team also works with you to select the music and features that you want to be added to the film.

After the editing process, our team delivers the final video to you before uploading it to YouTube. Additionally, we provide you with a formatted video that is compatible with any other video hosting sites you want as well as social media platforms.


Contact us when you want to market your real estate properties with promotional videos. We proudly serve Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas.


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