Pacific Coast Studio

Personal & Corporate Video Production In Long Beach, CA

We will provide a full array of services from script to screen to help you produce the video you need to help your business.

Services provided

Videography – We’ll shoot and deliver the footage to you. We do corporate video production in Long Beach, CA for many businesses in the area, as well as personal events.

Editing – You give us some footage, photos or other media and we’ll edit it and produced a professional video for you.

Motion Graphics and Animation – We can give your video motion graphics or animation that is an effective way to communicate and cool looking!

Video encoding and compression – We’ll take a video clip or pre-produced video and encode to your specs so you can post to your website, Facebook or other social media.

Audio recording – We’ll find the right narrator and record them for your video or podcast.

DVD and Blu Ray – We’ll take the video we produced with you and encode,  author and burn a DVD or Blu Ray.

Tape transfers – We’ll take your VHS, 8mm, Hi 8, Betacam SP, MiniDV to a digital file, DVD or other sources.  This is great for companies that have order projects that only live on an older tape source.  Also for clients who have family/personal, like children’s sporting events, dance/music recitals that are priceless and never get to view them since they no longer
have a VCR.

DVD/CD duplication – We’ll duplicate your video to DVD/CD with a custom printed topside and put it in a case of your choice.  Our duplication machine burns and prints 50 at a time so we can crank them out fast!

Take a look at some of our video encoding and compression, and video production samples we have completed here.

* If you are searching for a service that is not on the list please contact us because we might provide it and if not we will refer you.